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Walnut Furniture Sale

Walnut has always been the number one choice of furniture manufacturers who produce traditional heavy furniture pieces due to its strength and durability. In recent years walnut is being used for the more modern home and is gaining in popularity. Walnut furniture is sturdy and can put with everyday modern living while still retaining its finish and class.
At Kalusto Furniture, we offer a wide range of unique walnut furniture items, ranging from complete dining sets to TV cabinets, coffee tables, and bookcases. All our products come with free UK delivery, and the materials used are from renewable and managed sources. So not only are you getting a stunning piece of furniture, but you are safe in the knowledge that your new piece of furniture is from a sustainable source.

Why Choose Walnut Furniture?

Walnut wood is an extremely popular hardwood; it is valued and loved for its strength, durability, and vibrant, rich brown colour. Walnut wood is very adaptable, which makes it a perfect choice for home and office furniture. Walnut maintains its beautiful finish for many years.

Characteristics of Walnut Wood 

  • Stable and solid
  • Durable and robust, but not as heavy as you may think
  • Has good shock resistance
  • Has several unique colours
  • It is a fine and equitably straight grain
  • It is a hardwood that is valued for its grain, colour, and strength
  • Walnut wood has an exceptionally smooth finish

There are very few woods that offer the striking and stunning appeal of walnut.

What Colours Go Well With Walnut Furniture?

When it comes to matching colours with your walnut furniture, it is best to go with something bright, as walnut wood is of a dark hue and can be offset beautifully with a range of brighter colours. The choice of colour depends on the size of the space you are using and of course, your own decorating style. To blend well with walnut, we suggest the following colour:

Pale Blue Grey – highlights the dark furniture and allows a wide variety of colours in fabrics and curtains.

Sage Green - More suitable for a living room, against the darker tones of the furniture, it brings an earthy tone to the space. Choose natural materials for the rest of the room such as canvas and gauze curtains.

Light Grey - Grey shades go well with walnut furniture providing the room has adequate lighting. You can offset this with other neutral colours such as off whites and beige.

French Vanilla Shade: A light, warm, rich colour that blends perfectly with walnut and integrates well with a vast array of other colour choices.

Does Walnut Wood Lighten Over Time?

Many things can cause woods to change from their natural colour over time. The elements will sometimes lighten dark wood or darken light wood. So exposure to sunlight over the years can cause walnut wood to lighten slightly. It can be just the varnish or treatment of the wood that lightens and not the wood itself.

Is Walnut More Expensive Than Oak?

Walnut typically costs more than oak. This is mainly due to oak being more readily available than walnut, so the oak is a cheaper wood.

Is Walnut Furniture Valuable?

Compared to other woods, furniture made using walnut is more valuable as walnut is a more scarce commodity compared with other woods such as oak, maple, pine, and cherry wood.

Designer Walnut Furniture

At Kalusto Furniture we stock a range of designer walnut furniture for every room. Be it the simple Madrid Walnut one drawer lamp table or the Alicante dining table and set of four chairs our wide choice of walnut furnishings are a superb addition to any home.

Living Room Walnut Furniture

We stock a wide and varied range of walnut dining room furniture such as tables, upholstered chairs, and sideboards. Below is just a selection of our full range.

Walnut Dining Chairs

The Alicante Walnut Flare Back Upholstered Dining Chair - Each chair is 94 cm high, 45 cm wide and 53 cm deep. The height of the seat is 50 cm. This design has solid walnut legs and biscuit coloured upholstery – It is also available with slate upholstery with walnut or oak legs.

The Alicante Walnut Full Back Upholstered Dining Chair - Each of these stunning chairs measure 103 cm high, 46 cm wide, and 50 cm deep. The seat is 48 cm high. The chairs have solid walnut legs (also available with oak legs) and a hardwood, upholstered frame; no veneers are used within the construction.

The Alicante Walnut Flare Back Upholstered Dining Chair – Each chair measures 94 cm high, 45 cm wide and 53 cm deep. The height of the seat is a comfortable 50 cm. The legs are solid walnut (also available with oak legs) and the upholstered framework is hardwood covered with quality, slate-colored hard-wearing fabric.

The Alicante Walnut Accent Upholstered Dining Chair - The overall dimensions of each chair are 95 cm high, 52 cm wide and 55 cm deep. The actual seat height is 52 cm. The slate grey fabric upholstering is extremely durable.

Supplied in sets of two, the dining chairs are part of our contemporary and elegant Alicante walnut collection of dining room furniture. With other colours and styles available, it is easy to mix and match to suit your taste. Only the legs need to be attached and the required, tools, pieces, and instructions are included.

The chairs are constructed with solid wood throughout. No veneers are used. The wood is also finished with a resilient satin lacquer that provides a hard-wearing surface suitable for everyday use. All upholstery conforms to the UK’s exacting safety standards (UKFR BS5852).


Walnut Dining Tables

The Alicante Walnut Dining Table 4 Seater - Is 80 cm high, 120 cm wide and 90 cm deep. The table can seat four people making it perfect for everyday use as well as cosy dinners with friends. Made from selected, quality walnut throughout, the legs measuring 12cm wide by 12cm deep give the table a very sturdy and solid look

The Alicante Walnut Dining Table 4-6 Seater - This superb dining table measures 80 cm high, 150 cm wide and 90 cm deep overall. Suitable to seat four to six people this is the perfect table for everyday use. This table is solid walnut throughout; absolutely no veneers.

The Madrid Walnut Extending Dining Table - Can seat up to eight people when extended. The overall measurement of the table without the extension is 81 cm high, 150 cm wide, and 90cm deep. The width extended is 208 cm


Walnut Sideboards

The Madrid Walnut Large Low Sideboard - Measures 100 cm high, 150 cm wide and 40 cm deep. This sideboard has two large cupboards with a removable shelf. The shelf space available for each is 30 cm high, 72.5 cm wide and 34.5 cm deep. Each cupboard has two doors; both have vintage-looking bronze handles which match the dark wood flawlessly. The back of the unit is tongued and grooved providing excellent structural stability

The Madrid Walnut Six Drawer Sideboard - Measures 75 cm high, 125 cm wide and 35 cm deep overall. It has six drawers each measuring 12 cm high, 18 cm wide and 27 cm deep. The drawers have strong dovetail joints and are furnished with a stylish antique-looking bronze handle. The central cupboard has two doors (also with bronze handles) and is 55 cm high, 61 cm wide, and 30 cm deep overall. It has one shelf inside that can be removed or adjusted.

All the walnut used to build this range of furniture is selected from renewable and managed sources. Built to last a lifetime, all the furniture benefits from a hard-wearing satin lacquer that not only enhances the true beauty of the wood but provides a long-lasting, durable surface that can withstand everyday use. Delivered fully assembled. 


Living Room Walnut Furniture

Our extensive living room walnut furniture range has everything the modern living room could need. From television cabinets to coffee tables and bookcases, our Madrid and Alicante ranges are both practical and stylish and a great addition to a living room. Below is just a sample of our extensive living room range

Walnut Coffee Tables

The Madrid Walnut Open Coffee Table - Measures 39 cm high, 110 cm wide and 60 cm deep. It has a large open shelf below that is perfect for storing magazines, books, remote controls, etc.

The Alicante Walnut Medium Coffee Table - Measures 46 cm high, 110 cm wide and 60 cm deep. This practical and eye-catching coffee table can be mixed and matched with ease

The Alicante Four Drawer Coffee Table - Measures 46 cm high, 110 cm wide and 60 cm deep overall. This attractive coffee table has four drawers with strong dovetail joints and elegant vintage-style bronze handles. Each drawer measures 15 cm high, 42 cm wide, and 25 cm deep. The sides are panelled providing extra structural support.

All our coffee tables are constructed entirely of solid walnut throughout. They benefit from a strong satin varnish finish that truly enhances the natural beauty of the wood and also helps to create a hard-wearing surface that can withstand everyday use. Delivered fully assembled. 


Walnut TV Cabinets

The Alicante Walnut Low TV CabinetThis cabinet is designed to hold televisions up to 72” wide, and measures 35 cm high, 130 cm wide, and 35 cm deep. The unit has a fixed shelf below which is perfect for housing DVD player, gaming consoles, Skyboxes, etc.

The Madrid Walnut Low Widescreen Television Cabinet - Measures 50 cm high, 125 cm wide and 40 cm deep overall. Designed to accommodate up to a 72” screen. It has two central storage areas, each measuring 12.5 cm high, 52 cm wide, and 35.5 cm deep. The unit also has two deep drawers, each measuring 31 cm high, 23 cm wide, and 32 cm deep.

The Alicante Walnut Widescreen Television Cabinet - Can manage up to a 72” screen. Measuring 55 cm high, 142 cm wide, and 40 cm deep, The central shelf is fixed; the back and sides tongued and grooved providing excellent structural stability. The central shelves measure 18 cm high, 46 cm wide and 40 cm deep, specifically designed to house modern entertainment. Each side has a cupboard with a bronze handle with adjustable/removable shelving and each cupboard measures 40 cm high, 37 cm wide, and 38 cm deep overall. 

The cabinets are all solid wood throughout (no veneers) and can be mixed and matched to suit your taste. Built to the highest standards the walnut is sourced from managed plantations and selected to ensure the very best quality. A durable satin varnish seals the wood beautifully, and creates a hard-wearing surface. Delivered fully assembled.