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Upcycled Furniture Sale

Upcycling is the process where used products and those customarily considered as waste are repaired, repurposed, refurbished, and upgraded using creativity to add value to the original components. Humankind has practiced recycling and upcycling for thousands of years, but we have seen a massive surge in popularity for all things upcycled in the last decade.

The revival is motivated by various factors, including increasing environmental concerns and a drop in available resources. Upcycling extends the lifetime of existing materials and products, lowers the amount of waste in landfills, and creates work opportunities. Furthermore, the practice promotes sustainable consumer behaviour. Despite the obvious benefits and flourishing interest in upcycling, it is still is widely thought of as a specialist activity.

What is upcycled furniture?

Upcycled furniture is an item of furniture made from old or scrapped materials. The materials are reused and transformed into a new furniture piece, which may or may not resemble the original article closely.

Upcycling and recycling are similar practices in that they promote eco-friendly methods, but they are not the same. Recycling is the collection of consumer staples such as cardboard, plastic, aluminium, and glass, and processes them to be assembled into a new consumer product. The recyclability of a substance depends on its capacity to regain the characteristics it had in its original state.

When you upcycle an item, you do not process or break down any materials; You refashion it. The desired result is that the upcycled item has the same or more desirable attributes than the original.

Upcycling helps the environment because it removes objects from the waste system. It demands less energy than recycling and inspires innovative creativity.

Is upcycled furniture sustainable?

Anything that can be maintained at a specific rate or level or can be upheld or defended is "sustainable". For example, the air we breathe and its components are sustainable unless we dangerously pollute it. Otherwise, there are natural balancing forces for its sustainability. Agricultural fields are not sustainable unless we add nutrients to the soil in the required amounts. The constant growing of crops agitates the microorganisms, which are crucial to keeping the soil healthy. With natural resources, we can think about sustainability. All artificial things are not sustainable as they must be processed using energy resources for reuse.

Recycling is relevant for sustainability, but it is not fundamentally sustainable by itself. It sometimes just temporarily extends the life of a material. We cannot always create new products from entirely recycled materials. There is a good reason "Recycle" is placed 3rd in the "Reduce, Reuse, Recycle." reminder slogan. While finding or building upcycled furniture made from 100% sustainable products may not always be possible, we try to create furniture that incorporates reused timber for maximum sustainability.

What are the main benefits of upcycling furniture?

Preserves the environment

Upcycling decreases the amount of waste dumped in landfills. Waste matter may contain hazardous chemicals, which cause soil degeneration. If these chemicals make their way into a body of water, it will likely become polluted. A foul odour may emanate from solid waste during decomposition, polluting the air. Incineration may seem a good option for managing waste, but gases released during combustion cause air pollution. Upcycling is an environment-friendly way to deal with this issue.

Conserves the limited resources

Upcycling reduces the need to use new raw materials to produce products. This applies to any material or substance where supply can diminish. If you dump a wooden table or chest of drawers, imagine the worth of the wood going to waste.

Decreases production costs

Upcycling can help minimise the expense of production. One of the most expensive items used in production is wood in a furniture workshop. Many great furniture pieces can be made using wood pallets. This is what upcycling embraces - transforming waste into something beautiful or useful.

Supports local entrepreneurs

Upcycling supports local businesses and entrepreneurs. Some businesspeople rely on waste to create unique, quirky products. By donating unwanted items, you can contribute to the continuation and growth of small businesses.

Encourages creativity

Have you thought about how upcycled products are so individual and chic? It takes a lot of creativity to design a meaningful item from waste. Upcycling encourages creators to be original and innovative.

Can I make upcycled furniture?

While some of the superb upcycled furniture items you see on sale require developed skills in design, woodworking, and creativity, the good thing about upcycling is there are no restrictions on who can create. Just like other abilities, making upcycled furniture is a talent that requires practice, but it is a sustainable, cost-effective hobby. Anyone can join the upcycling revolution and start their first project – no previous skills are needed.

Shopping for upcycled furniture

If you prefer to take a less hands-on approach and buy already made upcycled furniture, let us introduce you to some of the best-selling items.

Skilled craftsmen create our upcycled furniture using reclaimed wood recovered from Rajasthan and Gujarat in India. Some of the pieces are between 50 to 150 years old, and artisans construct each piece to make a colourful and captivating new piece of unique furniture.

Despite the maturity of the wood, our upcycled range is produced to last a lifetime.

Shop by the living room, dining room, office, or bedroom, or take a look now at our bestselling upcycled coffee tables, upcycled bookcases, upcycled wardrobes, dining chairs, and tables.

Upcycled coffee table

The charming Pamplona Upcycled coffee table measures 35.5cm high, 90cm wide, and 60cm deep. The coffee table is made by adept craftsmen using unique combinations of colour and wood. Every coffee table is made individually and is unique. This table features elegant but sturdy iron legs. It has a hard-wearing satin lacquer finish that emphasises the wood and colours and provides a resilient surface to protect the wood against spillage and knocks. The upcycled coffee table requires minimum assembly, as you only must attach the legs. Instructions and tools are supplied.

Upcycled lamp table with wine rack

The beautiful Pamplona upcycled lamp table comprises wine storage area that can hold up to nine bottles of wine. The unit measures 85cm high, 50cm wide, and 35cm deep. Each bottle holder is 12cm tall, 12cm wide, and 32cm deep. The unit also has a handy drawer. The wood is finished with a satin lacquer to create a hard-wearing, practical surface while enhancing the colours and wood. The iron legs add to the rustic style perfectly. The table comes completely constructed; you only need to attach the legs with the provided tool.

Upcycled laptop desk

This elegant piece is part of our Pamplona upcycled furniture collection. Measuring 78cm high, 110cm wide, and 55cm deep, this fashionable upcycled desk can serve as a side table, a laptop workstation, or a dressing table. The table has a convenient 7cm height, is 48cm wide, and 46cm deep. It comprises a drawer, ideal for small pens, jewellery, or makeup items. The unit has strong iron legs and durable satin lacquer to protect it against everyday use. The only assembly required is attaching the legs, and instructions and the necessary tools are included.

Upcycled large rectangular dining table

This unique table is part of our Pamplona furniture range. Measuring 76cm high, 140cm wide, and 70cm deep, this large upcycled dining table seats up to six people. Hand-built and painted by proficient craftsmen to the highest standards, each piece is finished with a hard-wearing satin lacquer to protect against wear and tear. The antique-style iron legs finish off the table perfectly. The piece needs only minimal assembly (connecting the legs); tools and instructions are included.

Upcycled large sideboard

The Pamplona upcycled shoe cupboard dimensions are 110cm high, 80cm wide, and 40cm deep. It has three useful-sized drawers measuring 9cm high, 43cm wide, and 29.5cm deep. The sideboard also has three cupboards measuring 40cm high, 46cm wide, and 32.5cm deep. The colourful wood is enhanced with a hard-wearing satin lacquer that is practical for everyday use. The sideboard arrives assembled; the only small task required is to attach the legs using the supplied instructions and tools. A great storage solution, this spacious sideboard has four firm iron legs.

Upcycled 5-drawer tall boy

The Pamplona upcycled tallboy features five drawers and measures 110cm high, 50cm wide, and 35cm deep overall. Each drawer measures 12cm tall, 36cm wide, and 30cm deep. The unit has four stylish iron legs. Each unit is unique and built by skilled craftsmen. The colours are hand-applied, and the wood is sealed with a durable satin finish lacquer. This eco-friendly storage solution is extremely practical as well as eye-catching. It is delivered assembled and only requires attaching the iron legs. Instructions and tools are supplied.

Upcycled shoe cupboard

The Pamplona upcycled shoe cupboard dimensions are 110cm high, 80cm wide, and 40cm deep. This charming unit has four smart iron legs raising it 20cm off the floor. It has a spacious drawer measuring 13cm high, 66cm wide, and 31cm deep, and the cupboard has four shelves for shoe storage, each measuring 14cm high, 75cm wide, and 31cm wide. Each shoe cupboard has a custom combination of colours and reclaimed wood, enhanced with a satin lacquer finish to maintain the piece in pristine condition. This shoe cupboard is delivered assembled, and only the legs need to be attached. Instructions and tools are included.

Upcycled TV cabinet

The Pamplona upcycled widescreen TV cabinet measures 60cm high, 140cm wide, and 40cm deep. The unit provides versatile media storage solutions. The cabinet has a central drawer measuring 11cm high, 50cm wide, and 29 cm deep with a shelf above. The shelf measurements are 17cm high, 59cm wide, and 33cm deep, perfect for a DVD player or gaming console. The unit also has two cupboards, each measuring 35cm high, 37cm wide, and 33cm deep. The item is handcrafted by skilled artisans using colourful vintage wood, making each piece unique. The satin lacquer finish intensifies the wood and colours and protects the timber. The unit is delivered as one piece, with just the iron legs to attach. Instructions and tools are provided.

How much does upcycled furniture cost?

Aesthetically speaking, and from an eco-friendly perspective, there is no comparison between upcycled furniture made from vintage reclaimed wood and the mass-produced items you can buy cheaply at Ikea and other furniture outlet stores.

Due to the design work involved, plus the handcraft factor, upcycled furniture will cost you more than the items available in most UK high streets. However, buying cheap can be a false economy when it comes to furniture, as you could find yourself replacing it frequently. In contrast, our upcycled furniture is built to last for generations.

At Kalusto Furniture, we pride ourselves on offering our customers superb value for money and only sell top-quality handmade upcycled pieces at sensible prices, making them accessible for most budgets.

Transforming your room with upcycled furniture

Warm and welcoming, the Pamplona Upcycled Furniture Collection will bring any drab, dull room up to date. Vintage upcycled furniture is beautiful and functional, and there are numerous styles to match all colour schemes and tastes. Find a piece you love, and you will transform the look of any room.

How is upcycled furniture delivered?

Unlike if you buy from large furniture stores, we are sure you will be delighted to learn that each piece in our upcycled collection is delivered fully assembled, minus the legs. These are very straightforward to attach, and instructions and tools are supplied.

Shopping with us

When you order furniture from Kalusto Furniture, we guarantee the following:

  • The highest quality wood furniture
  • Sustainable, eco-friendly items
  • Great choice of styles and colours
  • Free UK delivery
  • Iron-clad guarantee

When you order from a family-run business like ours, you can be confident we will get your delivery to you in excellent condition and as soon as possible. Please contact us if you would like further information about the items we stock.