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Shabby Chic Furniture Sale

Shabby chic is a unique design style often used by DIY decorators and interior designers. It focuses on fittings and home furnishings that look like they belong to a bygone era with noticeable wear and tear and charming signs of aging.

The look is based on the old English country style when the main house administrators would replace worn items with newer modern pieces. They would hand the older items down to the occupants of smaller buildings or cottages on the estate, hence the used and slightly distressed appearance typical of shabby chic decor.

Soft tones reign in shabby chic interior design. Fresh white and beige are most popular, along with pastel colours, including lavender, pale pink, and light blue. Additionally, decorators also use bright shades like turquoise, primarily on painted furniture.

What Is Shabby Chic Furniture?

Shabby chic furnishings comprise authentic past pieces or new items purposely distressed to look worn. The style is best described as vintage rather than antique and can be artistically quirky without sticking to an austere historical style like art deco and art nouveau. As well as appearing aged and lived-in, most articles tend to have a soft, feminine quality, being somewhat ornamental without looking too elegant or grand.

From bedroom furniture to living room furniture, wine racks to bedside cabinets, large sideboards to dining furniture sets, you can find numerous large and small furniture pieces in shabby chic style. You can then enhance the furniture with vintage accessories. Whether they are authentic old vintage items like chandeliers, vases, and ornaments, or brand-new articles that look like antiques, the overall result is beautiful and easy to achieve.

Is Shabby Chic Furniture Still Popular?

Shabby chic rose to popularity in Britain in the early eighties, catching on in the US some years later, when British-born Rachel Ashwell opened her first shabby chic store in Santa Monica in 1989. Ms. Ashwell began with her now-famous slipcovers, which she placed over flea market furniture. Since then, many furniture trends have come and gone, including the orange-stained oak and blonde pine popularised in the 1990s. The nineties were also a decade when homeowners favoured inflatable furniture, wicker chairs, fake plants, and the minimalist look.

The noughties saw the rise of dark wood fittings, mismatched furniture, fairy lights, and futuristic pieces. Comfort was still necessary but no longer the greatest priority. In 2022, the light grey and beige so notable in Shabby Chic are on the way out, with darker taupes coming in. Blush is a prominent colour, and navy accent walls are conspicuous in many UK homes. Warm tones like soft gold, fiery red, and rustic green are beating pastels. While the distressed look shabby chic style is charming and timeless, trends do change, and it would be unrealistic to expect an eighties trend to continue to be popular 40 years later. For this reason, at Kalusto Furniture, we have updated our Shabby Chic range to include vibrant shades and intimate earth tones while still retaining the charm of traditional English country home decor.

Can I Make Shabby Chic Furniture?

While some of the exquisite shabby chic pieces you can buy require advanced woodworking and chalk painting skills, making shabby chic look furniture is undoubtedly possible and a fun project to undertake. Many creators find making shabby chic items can also become a money-making side-line if you find you have a flair to find suitable pieces and attain the desired look.

The trick to achieving attractive-looking shabby-chic furnishings is using superior quality paint. Thin and streaky paint will not give the same result as thick chalk paint.

Shopping For Shabby Chic Style Furniture

While many shabby chic décor enthusiasts have a go at creating pieces themselves, others prefer a less direct strategy and buy professionally made shabby chic furniture. If this is you, allow us to introduce you to some of our best-selling items.

Skilled craftsmen create our shabby chic range using reclaimed timber recovered in India. The wood used is typically between 50 and 150 years old, and they construct each piece individually to make a unique one-of-a-kind new piece of furniture.

Despite the age of the wood, we manufacture our shabby chic range to last for generations.

Shop by the dining room, living room, or bedroom, or take a look now at our bestselling shabby chic bookcases, dining furniture, and chests of drawers.

Seville Shabby Chic Plant Stand / Lamp Table

The charming Shabby Chic Lamp Table is part of our exclusive Seville furniture collection. Every Seville shabby chic plant stand/lamp table is unique, as it is crafted from reclaimed Indian wood, usually at least fifty years old. This charming table's dimensions are 46.5cm high, 35cm wide, and 35cm deep. It features a lower slated shelf that adds visual interest.

The steel outer frame is exceptionally sturdy, and the wood is treated with a satin coating that is endurable and brings out the complete elegance of the colours and grain of the wood. The unit is delivered fully constructed and ready for use as soon as we deliver it to your door.

Seville Shabby Chic Nest of Tables

The beautiful Shabby Chic Table Nest not only looks good; it is also very practical. Like all pieces in our shabby chic range, these tables are made by skilled craftsmen using the finest wood and designed to last for generations.

The largest table is 48.5cm high, 60cm wide, and 42 cm deep. The medium table is 40.5cm high, 45cm wide, and 42cm deep. The smaller table is 33cm high, 30cm wide, and 42cm deep. The outer frame is made from sturdy steel, giving a contemporary look to the tables while also offering excellent support.

Every table is unique. The timber used for the Seville Shabby Chic range is between fifty and 150 years old, salvaged from southern India. A hard-wearing lacquer finish brings out the colours and wood grain perfectly. The table comes fully constructed.

Seville Shabby Bedside Cabinet

The Seville Shabby Chic Lamp Table makes a practical bedside cabinet, but you could also use it to hold a vase or ornament and store small items out of sight in any room. The table is 61cm high, 40cm wide, and 30cm deep. The lower drawer measures 11.5cm high x 23cm wide x 21cm deep. The shelf space is 25cm high, 26cm wide, and 30cm deep.

This bedside cabinet is part of our Shabby chic range and made with vintage reclaimed wood, with a firm steel framework providing exceptional stability. The wood is hand-painted with a lacquer finish built by skilled craftsmen to last a lifetime. The drawer features an attractive iron handle, which perfectly complements the wood. The item comes assembled and ready to use.

Seville Shabby Chic Entertainment Cabinet

For the modern home with multiple entertainment devices and media, this Seville Shabby Chic Entertainment Cabinet not only looks superb but is also ideal for keeping your entertainment equipment tidy and in one place.

The cabinet measures 91cm high, 60cm wide, and 35.5cm deep. It is ideal for DVD players, SAT receivers, game consoles, etc., with additional room for CDs and DVDs. Each shelf is 11cm high, 46cm wide, and 33cm deep. The bottom drawer has handy extra storage for cables, remote controls, adapters, etc.

This beautiful entertainment piece is part of our unique shabby chic range. The range is environmentally friendly made from reclaimed Indian wood. Constructed by experienced artisans, the Seville shabby chic entertainment cabinet is delivered directly to your door, fully assembled.

Seville Shabby Chic Large Dining Table

The Large Seville Shabby Chic Dining Table measures 76cm high, 180cm wide, and 90cm deep. The steel frame adds elegance and contributes to a sturdy and stable structure. This sizeable attractive dining table is part of our shabby chic collection distinguished using recycled vintage wood.

As each furniture piece is handmade, each item in this range is unique. Built to last, a durable satin finish is applied to bring out the wood's colours and grain and provide a tough surface to withstand everyday use.

Delivered to your door in heavy-duty packaging, the table requires minor assembly. All required pieces, tools, and instructions are supplied.

Seville Shabby Chic Television Cabinet

The Seville Shabby Chic TV Cabinet measures 55.5cm high, 112cm wide, and 40cm deep. This striking television cabinet is large enough to hold TVs with screens up to 60". The three drawers feature solid iron handles and measure 14cm high, 26cm wide, and 29.5cm deep. The full-width shelf above is 17.5cm high, 102cm wide, and 40cm deep – Perfect for receivers, DVD players, and gaming consoles.

Each unit is handmade, built by skilled craftsmen, and made to last.

The steel frame gives the unit a chic urban look and provides excellent structural support. Finished with a tough satin lacquer which enhances the colours and wood grain, this is truly a functional and stunning piece.

The cabinet is delivered fully assembled and ready to use.

Seville Shabby Chic Alcove Bookcase

The Seville Shabby Chic Alcove Bookcase is 200cm high, 60cm wide, and 40 cm deep. Each shelf has a storage area of 39cm high, 50cm wide, and 40cm deep. This bookcase is an excellent storage solution and will look exceptional in any room.

The timber used in our shabby chic collection is reclaimed from India's southern regions, including Gujarat, Maharashtra, and Rajasthan. The wood ranges from fifty to 150 years old.

Each bookcase has a custom combination of colours enhanced with a satin lacquer finish to keep the piece pristine. The bookcase is delivered almost fully assembled, with just minor adjustments required. Instructions and tools are included.

Seville Shabby Shoe Storage Monk's Bench

The Seville Shabby Chic Monks Bench is another stunning piece from our shabby chic collection. Unique and highly unusual, the bench is 100cm high, 117cm wide, and 50cm deep. The 50cm deep seat top lifts to reveal plenty of storage, measuring 36.5cm tall, 102cm wide, and 33.5cm deep. Not only is the bench striking to look at, but it is also extremely useful.

The wood used to make the bench is reclaimed from India's southern regions and is aged between fifty and 150 years old. Hand-built by skilled carpenters means each piece is unique.

The steel framework presents excellent stability. The satin lacquer finish intensifies the wood and colours and protects the timber. The unit is delivered as one piece, fully assembled, and ready to use.

How Much Do Shabby Chic Furnishings Cost?

Shabby chic home furniture can cost you next to nothing if you have a go at creating it yourself. Still, if you buy professionally made shabby chic items, you can naturally expect to pay more than mass-produced wood chip high street furniture.

Aesthetically, and from an environmentally friendly point of view, there is no comparison between shabby chic items made from antique reclaimed wood and cheap Ikea flat-packed items.

Due to the materials used, plus the work involved, beautiful vintage furniture will cost more than furniture sold by large outlet stores. Nevertheless, buying cheap furniture is often a false economy as you may find yourself replacing it often. In contrast, our reclaimed timber furniture will last for generations with a bit of care.

At Kalusto Furniture, our goal is to offer our customers unbeatable value for money. We only sell top-quality pieces at reasonable prices, making exquisite furniture available for most budgets.

Transforming Your Home with Shabby Chic Style

Shabby chic is an interior design style that encompasses a worn yet welcoming look. Something is comforting about shabby chic while at the same time adding a touch of the eclectic to any room. Throw in soft furnishings, a mix of vintage and new decor, and feminine accents, and a transformation will emerge.

How Is the Furniture Delivered?

We do not deliver our wood furniture in flat packs unlike large furniture stores. Each piece in our shabby chic collection is delivered fully assembled, although you may have to attach handles or legs in some cases. These are simple to connect, and we supply full instructions and tools.

Shopping With Us

When you shop for furniture with Kalusto Furniture, we guarantee the following:

  • Superb quality wooden furniture
  • Ecological and sustainable items
  • Vast variety of furniture styles and colours
  • Free and fast UK delivery
  • Full guarantee

When you order from a family-run business like Kalusto Furniture, you can be confident we will get your delivery to you in perfect condition and as soon as possible. Please contact us if you would like further information about any of the items we sell.