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Solid Oak Furniture Sale

The Benefits of Oak Furniture

Oak is exceedingly sturdy wood and is both heavy and long-lasting. Thanks to its dense constitution and longevity, it has a distinctive and attractive light colour with a very prominent grain and is highly resistant. Here at Kalusto, we use oak that is sustainably sourced and environmentally friendly.

Thanks to its durability and hard-wearing properties, oak is perfect for wardrobes, chest of drawers, bedside tables, dressing tables, TV units, etc. In fact, it is ideal for any type of furniture in a modern home as it will withstand the wear and tear of daily living.

Why Choose Oak Furniture

Oak is an excellent choice of wood for the dining area, living room, hallway, or bedroom furniture. It is durable and resists everyday wear and tear while offering a natural beauty that fits into almost any home style. Its timeless design means that you can keep your oak pieces as part of your home décor for decades or even generations.

Often described as a very ‘British’ wood, oak has been used in quality furniture making as far back as the 14th century. English oak is one of the most popular oak wood species used to produce high quality European oak furniture. Our new oak wood furniture range includes oak sideboards, side tables, TV stands, display cabinets, dressers, and dining table sets, to suit any taste and style.

Acacia And Oak Compared

Acacia is a solid wood, 23% harder than oak. Both kinds of wood are durable and hard-wearing, and ideal for furniture making. Acacia can withstand the elements, so it is ideal for garden sofas, tables, and armchairs. Acacia trees have a shorter life span than oak, so acacia furniture is more expensive than oak.

How To Care for Oak Furniture

You will need to wax your oak furniture at least every six months or so. The wax helps to nourish the wood and create a lasting finish. Waxing oak helps protect the grain and will make the wood more crack-resistant, keeping the surface in the best condition possible. Use wax polish to treat your oak furniture as soon as you get it home. This way, you’re protecting it from the start.

Waxing oak forms a protective layer, so for everyday cleaning, all you need to do is wipe the surface down with a clean, damp cloth or use cleaning products specifically designed for hardwood. Blot the liquid with a clean, damp cloth for concentrated spills that could stain.

How To Polish Oak Items

Unlike some other woods, oak is exceptionally durable. However, if you want to get the most out of oak furniture, it is highly recommended that you dust and polish it regularly to prevent dust particles from causing lasting damage. Avoid using general household cleaning products as these can cause the wood to dry out and lead to lasting damage. You’ll typically need to repeat this process every two to three months to nurture the wood.

So, to polish your furniture properly:

  • Apply the polish directly onto a clean cotton cloth
  • Wipe along the grain
  • If your furniture has intricate details, dab the wood polish directly with a soft-bristled brush and use it in a circular motion
  • Use a soft cloth to remove any excess polish

Oak Home Office Furniture

At Kalusto, we stock a wide range of office furniture perfect for your home office with our Cadiz and Valencia home office furniture ranges.

The Valencia Light Oak Pedestal Computer Desk - The overall measurements of the desk are 80 cm high, 110 cm wide, and 55 cm deep. The desk measures up with other units perfectly in our Valencia range, making it extremely easy to mix and match to suit your home office needs. The space available for the chair is 61 cm high and 60 cm wide. The desk features a purpose-made pull-out keyboard shelf/drawer and a stationery drawer. The cupboard on the right-hand side is designed to house a PC tower, and it also has a handy shelf suitable for A4 paper or extras.

Valencia Light Oak Hidden Home Office - If you want a workstation that will keep all your home office supplies and PC stored tidily away out of sight, the Valencia light oak hidden home office is the solution for you. The unit measures 80 cm high, 108.6 cm wide, and 55 cm deep overall. It has a pull-out keyboard shelf and a large cupboard below with open shelving and drawers inside. The cupboard on the left-hand side has a removable shelf and is sized to house a PC tower.

The Valencia Light Oak Large ‘Hidden Office’ Twin Pedestal Desk - is the ultimate home office solution. The desk measures 80 cm high, 171 cm wide, and 55 cm deep overall. The central ‘drawer’ drops down to slide out the keyboard. The two drawers on either side have dovetail joints and brushed steel, two-tone handles. Below each drawer is a cupboard, each measuring 53.5 cm high, 50 cm wide, and approximately 50cm deep. The left-hand cupboard has a removable shelf. The right cabinet has a CD drawer with three shelves and a PC tower storage (you can remove the small shelf for storing A4 paper above).

The Valencia Light Oak Printer Cupboard – This solid oak cupboard provides an elegant and practical solution for one of the most challenging home office storage problems – the printer! The cupboard measures 80 cm high, 60 cm wide, and 55 cm deep. The top lifts for easy access, allowing the printer lid to be opened entirely. The top cupboard measures 46 cm high, 47 cm wide, and 50cm deep. It allows front access to the printer and has two faux drawers. A bottom shelf measures 22.5 cm high, 47cm wide, and 50 cm deep internally – so perfect for a scanner or storing paper and print accessories. Both have stylish, brushed two-tone stainless-steel handles.

Our home office desks are made from high-grade solid light oak. No veneers are used in their construction. The drawers have dovetail joints, and the back of the units are tongued and grooved, providing excellent structural support. The handles are two-tone brushed steel. The units also benefit from a hard-wearing satin varnish finish.

Built to last and delivered fully constructed – no assembly required.

Oak Cabinet Bathroom Ideas

Bathroom cabinets come in all shapes and sizes. All our cabinets are made from the finest solid oak. Below are just a few of the cabinets we have in stock here at Kalusto.

Valencia Sold Oak Glass Single Door Cabinet – The contemporary solid oak glass single door wall cabinet has been designed to fit any bathroom wall. The overall dimensions of the bathroom cabinet are H38 x W38 x D15cm, and the cabinet is crafted from the highest grade, selected solid oak. The door is glazed, which adds extra style to this cabinet.

The Valencia Sold Oak Mirrored Double Door Cabinet – This highest quality solid oak mirrored double door wall cabinet is a sleek and slender bathroom cabinet. The doors are mirrored to make the unit functional as well as stylish. It has also been designed to fit any bathroom wall. The overall dimensions of the bathroom cabinet are H38 x W65 x D15cm.

Valencia Sold Oak Mirrored Wall Shelf Unit – This bathroom cabinet is a solid oak mirrored wall shelf unit and, as with all our units, is designed to fit any bathroom wall. The sliding doors are mirrored, making them both practical and elegant.

The Valencia Solid Oak Mirrored Corner Wall Cabinet - This corner bathroom cupboard has been designed discreetly to fit into most bathroom corners. The overall dimensions of the bathroom cabinet are H60 x W43 x D25cm, and the door is mirrored.

Our bathroom cabinets are crafted from the highest grade, selected solid oak. The handles and knobs are all carefully chosen to match the cabinets perfectly. They are of exceptional build quality and designed to last a lifetime. A resilient satin lacquer finish makes the cabinets hard-wearing yet highlights their beautiful oak grain. They are a solid piece of furniture, covered by our fast delivery service, and no assembly is required!

Solid Oak Dining Room Chairs

Kalusto has a wide range of dining room furniture on sale to suit any dining room décor, including full-back, flare-back, and accent. Our chair ranges come in sets of two, and we stock dining tables to match.

The Valencia Light Oak Flare Back Upholstered Chair - The overall dimensions of each oak dining chair are 94 cm high, 45 cm wide, and 53 cm deep. The actual height of the seat is 50cm. They are also available in an attractive biscuit colour.

The Valencia Light Oak Upholstered Accent Chair - is also available in a chic patterned fabric (Modena). The overall dimensions of each seat are 95 cm high, 53 cm wide, and 57 cm deep, with a seat height of 52cm.

The Valencia Light Oak Full Back Upholstered Oak Chair - is 105 cm high, 41 cm wide, and 55 cm deep (the seat height is 48 cm). The sage green upholstering is very hard-wearing, and we stock other colours.

All our chairs have a solid wood framework, and solid light oak legs (and are also available with walnut legs) finished with a hard-wearing satin lacquer. The varnish enhances the wood beautifully and creates a durable surface that makes these chairs practical for everyday use. The upholstery meets the British Safety Standard UKFR BS5852.

Stylish yet contemporary, these chairs are built to an exceedingly high standard and designed to last a lifetime. Delivered to your door by our free delivery service in heavy-duty protective packaging, some very minor assembly is needed. Hardware and instructions are included.