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How the use of illuminated furniture helps companies stand out at commercial exhibitions

When it comes to presenting yourself or your company at a commercial exhibition, it is important that you stand out from the crowd. After all, exhibitions can be vibrant and busy places and potential customers can bypass your stand completely if another catches their eye.

The ultimate aim? Make your exhibition stand visually appealing so that visitors to the exhibition simply cannot pass your stand without stopping and taking a look. Illuminated furniture is undoubtedly the best way to give your exhibition stand a true professional look, and will ensure that your exhibition stand really does stand out to spectators, day or night.

Illuminated furniture can also be used for other events as well and not just exhibition stands such as award ceremonies, VIP enclosures, hospitality areas at concerts, conferences, product launches

Some uses of illuminated furniture to give your stand a truly professional look

Illuminated Seating

Potential customers will simply love sitting in light up seating, surrounding the area of your exhibition stand. Not only does illuminated seating encourage people to sit down and spend time to your exhibition, it also acts as a talking point.

Whether you choose an illuminated blob chair or sofa, or light up round or curved seating, why not make the most of your illuminated seating and leave brochures and further information about your company for people to read as they sit down?

And if you are an individual exhibitioner? Leave some information lying around about you and the product or service you are offering.

Illuminated Coffee Tables

A light up coffee table will provide the perfect place for potential customers to put down their drinks or rest their belongings, again encouraging them to stay at your exhibition stand for a longer period of time.

Illuminated coffee tables may indeed provide more space and an incentive for people to socialise at your exhibition stand, meaning that your stand will become a place for networking and have a more professional presence.

Illuminated Poster Tables

A light up poster table undoubtedly has a professional presence at any exhibition stand. Not only can you encourage people to sit right next to one of your promotional posters or artistic works, they’ll be sitting at standing height and ready to comfortably talk to yourself or a representative of the company.

Illuminated Giant Wine Glass

If you are looking to really catch people’s eye, then the light up wine glass will make the perfect addition to your exhibition stand.

The giant wine glass will most definitely stand out to potential customers and become a real talking point at your exhibition. Use it to store bottles of wine, and people will be tempted to come over for a refill!

Enhance your exhibition with illuminated furniture

Hiring light up furniture is most definitely a practical, simple way to encourage more people to your exhibition stand. Not only will illuminated furniture give your company or service a more professional appearance, it will encourage more people to visit your stand, and provide an interesting talking point. After all, a captivating exhibition stand is much more likely to stand out amongst the rest.


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